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Attention:  UDNA Executive Committee Members, Players, Parents/Guardians, Umpires, Coaches, Managers, Scorers, Primary Carers, Life Members & Volunteers, the following letter was received from the Shoalhaven Sports Board on 9th October, 2017:-


Re: Proposed Per Capita Fees for Sports Fields Users/and Proposed ongoing Costs to Users.


Currently, there is a proposal before the Shoalhaven City Council to impose a fee on players for the maintenance of sports fields.   Initially, the fee will be $19 for seniors and $15 for junior players in 2018, rising to $30 and $19.50 respectively in 2019.   The fee is per player, per season, per sport.


This could well mean that a player playing winter and summer sports or even three sports would in fact pay the fee three times in the year.   Also, the fee is to be collected based on previous years registration numbers and paid at the time of the club booking the facility.


At the Assets and Strategy meeting held on the night of Tuesday 19th September, 2017 a full report was provided.   We suggest that you read the agenda for that meeting SA 17.232 Fees and the Addendum, LKSQ Report pages 9/10 2.2.2. Charges.   This can be found on the Council website under Meetings and Agendas.   There are also other increased costs planned.   The details in the Reports.



To add insult to injury, the fees collected in the first year of the scheme will be used to fund the salary of the Council officer employed to administer the sports fees scheme.


Initially, the Sports Board was asked to make a recommendation to the Council as to the merits of the Scheme.   We were presented with a Power Point display initially and then, after more disclosures, took the view that we were not fully informed at the time and would need more time to make an accurate judgement.


If implemented, the scheme is estimated to yield a little over $300,000 per annum.


The Sports Board is now being asked to make a recommendation to the Council on the charging of User Pay Fees.   After paying for club registration fees, travel costs, uniforms and so on, the additional fee could result in a disincentive for people to participate in sport.


To be more informed it is our decision to contact all sporting bodies to seek their opinion on the proposed implementation of the scheme and to propose/suggest suitable alternatives.


Members of the Sports Board will advise you when a Meeting will take place with the Council to finalize the matter.   It will be imperative that an Executive members from your club or association attend this meeting.


In the meantime, one member of the Sports Board has derived an alternative:-


"That the Council borrows $5M to get sports fields into a manageable condition so that existing management budgets will be adequate to cover annual ongoing maintenance issues.   And, that Council place a Levy of $5.00 on each ratable property.   These funds will be utilized to repay the loan.   Upon repayment of the loan the new income be used exclusively for ongoing field maintenance and to make improvements to the sportsfields.   With the growing population in the Shoalhaven, demands on our sports will continue to increase".



You are respectfully requested to arrange meetings with your members and make resolutions that the Sports Board can take to the full Council on your behalf.


Please send your resolutions to David Goodman at:


Yours in Sport,                                                                                                                                                                                                       

 David Goodman - Chairperson, (Signed), Andrew Johnston, Syd Weller, Roger Walker, Elaine Caswell, Tony Hardman, Elizabeth Tooley, Lisa Kennedy, Phil Newlyn.


The UDNA Executive Committee looks forward to your support and please email any recommendations/resolutions you would like to advise the Executive Committee of ASAP to - UDNA Secretary, Robin Butler -      


Please Note:    UDNA Executive Committee “OPPOSES THE PROPOSED SHOALHAVEN CITY COUNCIL’S FEES PER PLAYER, PER SEASON, PER SPORT” and is considering a Petition so when and where you can sign this will be advised through email, UDNA Website & Facebook. 


 Yours in Netball,




PO Box 161, Ulladulla   NSW   2539.

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Author: Robin Butler